Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Android market en Argentina?

Hoy me encontré con un mensajes por twitter de @flag con el siguiente link.

So far, the startup has identified 13 ‘new’ countries: Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Singapore and South Africa. Other reports suggest Sweden and Hungary are two other countries that are starting to see paid apps support. Note that we haven’t yet confirmed this is actually the case for these countries, but Distimo’s tracking system was built to pick up things like this.

Todo indica que se viene el android market a la Argentina!

Según nightshadex101 en el siguiente link:

Esto es desde hoy, lo acabo de probar sacando el market access (dejando el sim.numeric en 72234, que es el valor para Personal).

A la espera de que se confirme la noticia!

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